Off Grid

Individual pitches

Compost Loos

Drinking Water

Family Campsite


Off Ground BBQ's Allowed

Covid Safe Space

Nature photography competition

£20 per pitch*




Open July 24th to August Until 19th August 2021


The Little Wild Wellie Campsite is situated in a beautiful location for you and your family to reconnect with nature and to recharge you own batteries this summer. 


Our family run farm site is completely off grid making it a wonderful place switch everything off and sit and spot the amazing wildlife and the natural world at its finest. During your stay you may spot our resident herd of red dear or the incredible birds of prey flying overhead. And at night look up and admire the big Norfolk sky full of stars. 

We are a low noise, low impact site. We ask all residents to respect each other, the farm animals, wildlife and the environment.

*Our Price

£20 - Per Pitch Per Night. Includes up to 2 adults 3 children per tent. 

£5 -   Extra child per tent

£10 - Extra Adult

Added extras- Fire Pits, Family Yoga session, Family Fun Fitness

No large groups of teens or adults permitted. Thank you. 

Check in 3pm. Check out 11am. 


Our Facilities and details:

Fresh drinking water

We have a fresh drinking water tap. This can also be used for washing up. Bare in mind that this is cold. 


Our compost loos are environmentally friendly and come with extra hand sanitizers to help keep you safe. All we ask is that you sit down on the loos (yes even men) and close the lid tightly after each use. Please follow the instructions in the loo.


We are a 'leave no trace' site. This means we ask all residents to take home all of their rubbish's and leave each pitch hired exactly as they found it. 

Car parking

Please note that no cars are allowed onto the field. A small car park is clearly sign posted. We provide wheelbarrows to help you take your tents and equipment on to the field. Any wheelbarrows used must be put straight back for other guests to use. 


BBQ's must be off the ground. Meaning no hot equipment on the grass as this will make burn marks on the ground.


We are a low noise, low impact site. We care a lot about our site and the environment. We do not allow music played through loud speakers nor to we allow large groups of residents. Wildlife likes the quite life as do parents of young children at night. We wish for you and every family to have the perfect stay so no noise or music is permitted between 10pm and 6am.